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Born and raised in Morpeth, England, Andrew John Gloag has a degree in Physics from Oxford University, a PhD from Strathclyde University in Glasgow Scotland and was a post-doctoral fellow at Aston University in Birmingham, England.


He is currently a mathematics and physics teacher at High Tech High in San Diego, California. His class website can be found here.


This website has several areas for students and visitors. Please feel free to look around!

Senior Math Class. Fall Semester, 2013.

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The course calendar for this semester is now available. Click here to view it!


You will need to register with my online site to take the online homework assignments. Go to andrewgloag.coursesites.comand create an account for "HTH math".


The syllabus is available here. Please sign and  return the bottom portion as soon as you can.

Absolute Zero - a physics A to Z

cover art - click to visit site! Members of the senior class of 2010 created this book in Andrew Gloag's physic class. Each student researched and published a single topic and the results were collected in alphabetical order, A through Z. Laura Chao-Davis created the cover art, and the final book was published through Cameron Parvini created the companion website:

CK-12 Algebra Book

In the summer of 2007, my wife Anne and I wrote an algebra book for the CK12 foundation. It is organized into 12 chapters and each chapter is split into 8 lessons. Each "lesson" typically covers 3 or 4 skills, and would take about 1 to 2 class periods to cover. The book is built around the NCTM standards for Algebra, and loosely mirrors the algebra-1 California State Standards. Download lessons here

Online Learning modules from Dr Gloag.


Online content for classes can now be found at This is where you will find course material for Algebra, Precalculus and Calculicious courses.

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Calculicious is a cross discipline project fusing art and mathematics. It is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2009, and there will be an exhibition of work in early April. You can check out some delicious content through this link!